ELT Engineered Lifting Technologies
Proudly Made in the U.S.A. ISO 9001-2008

Toll Free Phone: 855.800.9568

Designed, Built and Tested in the USA.

All lifting fixtures are designed, engineered, assembled and tested in Orchard Park, NY, USA.

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About ELT Lifting Technologies

ELT, Inc., custom makes various types of Lifting Beams including: Standard Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Adjustable Spreader Beams, Fixed Hook Lifting Beams, Adjustable Hook Lifting Beams, Twin Bail Lifting Beams, Custom 3 Point Lifting Beams, C-Hooks/Coil-Hooks/Coil-Lifters and Custom 4 Point Lifting Beams.

We offer: J-Hook, Low Head Room, Upper Chain Assembly and Adjustable Bail Options on our Custom Made Lifting Beams. We will print your Company's Name on any Lifting Beam we create for you.

We want to make your Lifting Beams! For a Lifting Beam Quote or additional information about Lifting Beams, please contact us at 855.800.9568, email us at webinfo@eltlift.com, and use our Contact form.

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