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Crane Baskets

Standard and Custom Crane Baskets, Man Baskets, Personnel Baskets, or Crane Cages

Crane Baskets (Suspended Personnel Platforms, Man Baskets, Personnel Baskets, or Crane Cages) are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with code of Federal Regulations 1926.550 and ASME B30.23. Quality constructed to exceed minimum code regulations for long life of heavy use. Tested and Certified.

Most of our Standard Crane Baskets are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

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Standard Crane Basket Equipment

  1. In-Swing, self closing, self latching door
  2. Grab Rail interior perimeter
  3. 4″ toe Board
  4. Checkered plate floor
  5. Normal 42″ height expanded metal
  6. Safety lanyard anchors
  7. Fork lift tubes
  8. Tag line anchors
  9. Drain holes in floor
  10. Four leg bridles with master link and four bolt type shackles
  11. Quick attach, detach under basket test weight
  12. Painted Safety Yellow

Optional Crane Basket Equipment

  1. Flat overhead protection units with expanded metal
  2. Rubber bumpers around bottom and perimeter

Call us at 855.800.9568, email, and use our Contact Us form.