Spreader Beams

Adjustable spreader beams are a versatile lifting solution for many different lifting needs. Adjustable Spreader Beams are an excellent lifting solution for supporting heavier and longer loads. Ideal in circumstances where there is ample headroom, adjustable spreader beams add stability to complex load lifting with multiple lifting points.

ELT, Inc.’s adjustable spreader beams utilize a number of different configuration options to adjust for different types of loads and lifting needs.

  • Multiple lifting points
  • Available with either chain or wire rope rigging
  • Multiple Beam Construction
  • Four Point Construction Option
  • Specific lifting solution for Wind Tower Blades

ELT, Inc. designs and builds adjustable spreading beams with multiple options for different types of applications.

ELT Lift’s Adjustable Spreader Beam is the most versatile Spreader Beam on the market. This product gives you the ability to slide our brackets into your desired location on the product itself. It offers easier drilling and a better part fit.

Our Adjustable and Fixed spreader beams can lift up to 200,000 lbs. and have a length of up to 40 feet. Looking for a customized spreader beam? Call one of our product specialists today at 855-800-9568 or Contact us by filling out a web form here..

Description: Spreader beams are used where there is adequate headroom. These lifters utilize a two point upper lift with a bridle to provide additional stabilization to the lift. These units are custom designed and built for your specific lifting requirements and are typically much lighter and more economical to purchase than the standard lifting beam with a single bail lifting point on top.

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Description: With traditional round tube systems, adjust-ability for adjustable spreader beams is achieved by cutting the pipe to the desired length, which is not always so easy to do at the job site.
With other adjustable spreader beam systems it is also important to achieve a square cut to insure proper fitting of the end cap. However, with the ELT spreader beam system, adjust-ability is achieved by simply sliding the unique brackets to the desired location on the existing tube.

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Description: Telescoping Spreader Beams are a versatile lifting solution for many lifting applications. Telescoping Spreader Beams are an excellent lifting solution for supporting heavier and longer loads. Ideal in circumstances where headroom is not limited, Telescoping Spreader Beams add stability to complex lifting with multiple lifting points. Telescoping Spreader Beams differ from Adjustable Spreader Beams in that they collapse in on themselves to allow for tighter working conditions and take up significantly less space when not in use.

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Description: Four Point Spreader Beams can be configured to meet your specific lifting requirements. Spreader frame assemblies can be utilized in rigging trees or by themselves to lift extra-large and/or awkward, heavy loads. Four Point Spreader Beams offer four lift points for stability on large, heavy, or unusually shaped loads. This is an ideal configuration for situations where load control is important.

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