Adjustable Spreader Beams


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Adjustable Spreader Beams

Adjustable spreader beams are a versatile lifting solution for many different lifting needs. Adjustable Spreader Beams are an excellent lifting solution for supporting heavier and longer loads. Ideal in circumstances where headroom is not limited, adjustable spreader beams add stability to complex lifting with multiple lifting points.

ELT, Inc.’s adjustable spreader beams utilize a number of different configuration options to adjust for different types of loads and lifting needs.

  • Multiple lifting points
  • Available with either chain or wire rope rigging
  • Multiple Beam Construction
  • Four Point Construction Option
  • Specific lifting solution for Wind Tower Blades

ELT, Inc. designs and builds adjustable spreading beams with multiple options for different types of applications.

What makes ELT’s system for adjustable spreading beams better ?


With traditional round tube systems for adjustable spreader bars, adjust-ability for adjustable spreader beams is achieved by cutting the pipe to the desired length, which is not always so easy to do at the job site.

With other adjustable spreader beam systems it is also important to achieve a square cut to insure proper fitting of the end cap. However, with the ELT spreader beam system, adjust-ability is achieved by simply sliding the unique brackets to the desired location on the existing tube.


With all systems, holes must be drilled in the tube or pipe when adjusting the length of the spreader. With other systems it is difficult to achieve the proper orientation of the rigging due to the necessity of laying out and drilling holes on round tubing that has a tendency to roll.

With the ELT adjustable spreader beams system, the brackets can be used as a template to mark the new hole locations. Then, the holes are drilled on a flat, stable surface, simplifying the process. Another option is to have holes pre-drilled at our factory when purchasing the system to allow for a wide range of spreader beam lengths.


Pipe is sized nominally with variations to both the interior as well as exterior dimensions which lead to loose fitting end caps in many cases with other systems. However, the exterior dimensions of rectangular tubing are fixed and the only variance between tubes is the wall thickness.

Therefore, the ELT adjustable spreader beams system is engineered to use much closer tolerances because the brackets interface with the controlled peripheral dimension of the tube.

Standard WLL: 10,000 to 200,000lbs

Standard Max Spreader Length: 40 feet

Available Customizations:

  • Custom sizing
  • Four point designs
  • Low-stress basket lift design for lifting wind tower blades (B-ASB model)


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ELT’s ASB Brackets and lift system is the most versatile adjustable spreader beam system on the market today!

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Model Number Capacity (T) Capacity (lb.) Max Spread (in) Minimum Spread (in) Approx. Max Headroom (in) Approx. Unit Weight (lb.)
ASB-5-20 5 10,000 240 72 208 247
ASB-5-40 5 10,000 480 192 416 1090
ASB-10-20 10 20,000 240 60 208 432
ASB-10-40 10 20,000 480 192 416 1105
ASB-15-20 15 30,000 240 60 208 440
ASB-15-40 15 30,000 480 192 416 1155
ASB-20-20 20 40,000 240 60 208 465
ASB-20-40 20 40,000 480 192 416 1230
ASB-30-20 30 60,000 240 60 208 690
ASB-30-40 30 60,000 480 192 416 3280
ASB-40-20 40 80,000 240 60 208 753
ASB-40-40 40 80,000 480 192 416 3060
ASB-50-20 50 100,000 240 60 208 1122
ASB-50-40 50 100,000 480 192 416 3190
ASB-60-20 60 120,000 240 60 208 1127
ASB-60-40 60 120,000 480 192 416 3520
ASB-80-20 80 160,000 240 60 208 1622
ASB-80-40 80 160,000 480 192 416 4026
ASB-100-20 100 200,000 240 60 208 1621
ASB-100-40 100 200,000 480 192 416 5110