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Pipe Hooks


Pipe Hooks

The Pipe Hook offers a lightweight, affordable solution for lifting lengths of pipe with a crane.

Bridle Leg length determines the maximum length of pipe that can be lifted.

Each hook is proof tested exceeding ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards and a test certificate is issued. Pipe Hooks are painted safety yellow and clearly marked on both sides with rated capacity to conform to OSHA standards.

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Model Capacity Per Pair A Notch Width (in) B Notch Depth (in) C
Hook Thickness (in)
D Hook Width (in) E Hook Height (in) Shackle rating Hook Weight (lb)
PH-2 2 1-1/2 2-7/8 1/2 7-3/8 5-3/4 1-1/2t 5
PH-4 4 1-1/2 3-1/8 3/4 9-1/8 7-3/8 3-1/4 10
PH-6 6 1-1/2 4-3/8 1 9-7/8 7-7/8 4-3/4t 17
PH-8 8 1-1/2 4-5/8 1-1/4 10-1/8 7-5/8 6-1/2t 23
PH-10 10 1-1/2 5-3/4 1-1/4 12-1/4 10-1/4 6-1/2t 34
PH-15 15 1-1/2 6-1/8 1-3/4 12-5/8 9-5/8 12t 55


1. Please verify hook slot will fit anticipated pipe to be lifted.

2. Other capacities and dimensions available upon request.

3. Please note: weight and dimensions may vary and are approximate and for reference only.
Specific weight cannot be determined until the unit is manufactured.