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Custom Manufacturing Solutions

ELT has developed an extensive and growing product line of custom solutions to provide you with both an ergonomic as well as economical solution to various application needs. In addition to the many standard lifting beams we offer we also manufacture custom designed lifting beams to suit almost any application requirement where there is not a standard solution available. It is the diversity along with our commitment to quality that is responsible for our worldwide reputation for best possible service, competitive product and customer satisfaction.

Not really sure how to maneuver your part…

Don’t know where your parts center of gravity is…

Can’t find a lifting product that really fits your needs…

Let ELT’s expert engineering team work with you to develop a solution with you!

In 2012, ELT Lift was contacted by one our largest clients about lifting large locomotive batteries on their production floor. The problem they had was an unknown center of gravity with the battery and they needed adjustable locations on a four point lifter.

ELT Lift’s solution was to create a durable and efficient design, manufacture and create a fully adjustable four point lifter that was customized specifically for lifting 750 lbs. locomotive batteries.

Back in 2008 a major client had to replace a steel beam that was 78 years old. This steel beam lifted the rotor from a power generator. The strength of the steel at that time was unknown, and unattainable for load testing. Our company had a solution, our custom 75 Ton Adjustable Lifting Beam that was fit to exact specifications of the original 78 year old beam.

In November an important client had to move a 10,000 LB (5 Ton) object without knowing their center of gravity. The solution ELT Lift provided them was a 3 Point Lifter that weighed less than 500 lbs., and still got the job done. The 3 point lifter is the perfect product for lifting an object which the center of gravity is unknown.