Coil Handling

Coil Handling & Lifters

Engineered Lifting Technologies offers a large selection of coil lifting. ELT, Inc.’s coil lifting equipment is engineered to meet a wide range of applications from small metal press and fabrication to larger scale applications in the automotive industry.

Effective Coil Handling will address lifting efficiency and varied production needs. Lifting coils of sheet steel into a production line as quickly and safely as possible will ensure overall production efficiency and safety. Maneuvering coils within narrow clearances can be done easily with ELT, Inc.’s coil handling and coil lifting equipment.

From Light to Heavy Duty Lifting

For light to moderate lifting duty where motorized lifting cannot be used the C-Hook or Narrow Aisle Coil Lifters are an excellent choice.
In heavier duty lifting environments such as steel and fabrication environments the Telescoping Coil Lifter provides a motorized lifting solution for maintaining production efficiency.

Coil Lifters, also referred to as Coil Hooks or C-Hooks, are available in a variety of styles. Our Coil Lifters offer versatility in the way you handle your materials for production. Whether the coil is to be lifted from the ID, by the OD, lying flat or standing upright, ELT Lift has a coil lifter that is designed specifically for the task at hand.

Standard Coil Hooks are Available for Immediate Shipping

Built with stringent quality requirements from construction through our rigorous testing process, our Standard C-Hooks are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Looking for a custom Coil Hook? Call one of our Engineers today at 855-800-9568 or Fill out our web form here.

Description: Coil Hooks, also referred to as C-Hooks, are available in a variety of styles and offer versatility in the way you handle your product.

The Close Stacking C-Hook (CSC) has a shorter upper arm which gives the lifter the ability to handle coils of various widths that are flush against a vertical surface.

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Description: The Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter is designed to handle and position coils close together. Coils can be handled in aisles as narrow as 18 inches. The Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter is adjustable, giving it the capability to handle a variety of coil widths.

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Description: The Telescoping Coil Lifter is capable of handling various coil widths in the horizontal position. The telescoping design maximizes headroom and aisle space. For effective use, the coils must be tightly bound. Hand wheel, motorized, battery powered and remote controlled options are available.

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