Forklift Cuffs


Model LHC – Standard Quote

Forklift Cuffs

These forklift cuffs are convenient for picking up those items not accessible by normal forklift operation.  These small units fit on an individual fork and include a tool free locking screw to secure to the fork.

Each unit also includes, for lifting, bolt type shackles and swivel hooks with latches. These are designed, manufactured, tested and tagged to comply with lifting regulations painted safety yellow. ELT offers load testing on all products.

Model Number Capacity Per Unit Fork Tube Height (in) Fork Tube Width (in) Total Height (in) Cuff Length (in) Shackle Rating Hook Rating Approx. Unit Weight (lb.) Documents
LHC4-4 4,000 2-1/4 5-1/4 12-5/16 5 2t 2t 12 LHC-4.pdf
LHC4-5 4,000 2-1/4 6-1/4 12-5/16 6 2t 2t 13 LHC-5.pdf
LHC4-7 4,000 4-1/4 8-1/4 14-5/16 8 2t 2t 16 LHC-7.pdf
LHC4-8 4,000 4-1/4 9-1/4 14-5/16 9 2t 2t 18 LHC-8.pdf