Construction Lifting Equipment

The construction industry faces numerous and a wide range of lifting needs. Different construction projects have drastically different needs in construction lifting equipment. Land moving, materials handling, and lifting at greater heights are just a few.

Maintaining safety for operators and team members is a key concern. Managing costs, maintaining efficiency, meeting deadlines and adapting to project changes as well as unexpected challenges give the construction industry a unique set of operational challenges.

Providing the right combination of construction lifting equipment to provide work efficiency, equipment durability and cost-effectiveness is what ELT, Inc specializes in to meet rigorous construction lifting demands.

ELT Lift offers a range of constriction lifting equipment options to support general contractors operating construction job sites for projects including;

  • bridges
  • office or commercial buildings
  • highway and street work
  • infrastructure work (including water, sewer or pipe replacement/installations)
  • general project building

ELT, Inc. products include crane, material and personnel baskets, skip pans, standard and custom lifting beams, and an effective alternative to round-pipe end caps – the totally unique beam system called the ASB, or adjustable spreader beam. As the finest ASB on the market, ELT’s adjustable system eliminates on-site pipe cutting and is so compact it collapses to fit into the back of a pickup truck to then be taken to the next job site.

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See below for ELT’s relevant industry products. Click here to view a pdf of our complete product line by industry.

Other Applicable Products

Specialty Products
Bulk Bag Lifters (BBL)
Pipe Hooks (PH)
Custom Products
Material Basket for Gas Bottles
Rotating Twin Bail Beam
X-Y Lifter
Four Point Lifter
Triangle or 3 Point Lifter