Forklift Extensions


Heavy Duty Forklift Extensions

Stretch your forklift’s reach with these handy slip-on forklift extensions by ELT. Made in the USA, our heavy-duty forklift extensions are built tough for long-lasting rugged jobsite use and surpass all OSHAs requirements. Available in a variety of lengths and weights, ELT has the forklift extensions to help you get the job done. We want our customers to depend on us. Let us make your heavy lifting a little bit easier.

Forklift Fork Extensions Extend Your Fork Trucks Reach by 50%

The Forklift Extensions provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with a fork truck by extending your trucks reach by 50%. All extensions are built with heavy-duty steel construction and are welded with a safety heel restraint. Please note that forklift fork extensions affect your trucks capacity and its required for you to refer to your lift truck manufacturer for a rated capacity.

OSHA requires contacting the manufacturer of your truck for written approval for the use of any fork truck attachments. and that fork extension length to be no longer than 150% of the length of supporting truck forks. ELT offers load testing on all products.