Lifting & Tailing Brackets


ELT has developed a patented Wind Turbine Tower Tilt-up System that is unique in that the Lifting Brackets are relatively small, and made of high-strength materials, dramatically reducing the weight of the brackets. The configuration allows for a two-bracket lifting system that does not require an upper spreader bar.

The lower tailing brackets are a compact design and lightweight. Both bracket designs take advantage of an eccentric cam design for the bolting, allowing the brackets to be used on several tower sections without using slots and over-sized holes.

A complete wind turbine lifting & erecting system: the Gold Standard in Wind Turbine Lifting
Includes: tailing brackets, slings, shackles, bolts, rigging & engineered lifting plans.

Why get this lightweight lifting system?

  • Exceeds ANSI/ASME requirements
  • Reduced manpower required to install
  • Durable nickel plated inserts
  • No load-bearing welds
  • Reduced crane time
  • Tighter bolt clearance holes
  • Adjustable bolt pattern
  • Reduced number of brackets, only four needed for most lifts
  • Replaceable inserts to accommodate variety of bolt patterns
  • Zinc Dichromate-plated body for outstanding corrosion protection
  • Patented system

“These are the slickest, strongest and smallest brackets I have ever used.”

– Sling Rigger commenting on ELT Wind Lifting System in Caspar, WY

Lifting and Tailing Brackets

  • Offers a major reduction in mobilization costs in the field. Cranes are not needed to mount the bracket system. The top lifting brackets weigh approximately 92 lbs. each and the tailing brackets weigh approximately 36 lbs. each. Synthetic slings are incorporated to keep the weight reduction down on the total system.
  • The bracket’s design can be adjustable for most tower manufacturer models. The bracket design does not have load-bearing welds.
  • The lifting brackets offer a level load in setting the tower sections. The base section is easily aligned to the concrete base bolt mounting pattern.
  • The tailing bracket’s design does not damage the outside of the tower when the tower becomes 90 degrees vertical in the tilt-up process.
  • The weight of the brackets offers ergonomic benefits that may decrease injuries in the field.
  • The bolting process of this system only requires 450-500 ft.- pounds that can be applied by hand.

ELT offers load testing on all products.