Telescoping Sheet Lifter


ELT offers versatile telescoping sheet lifters that can handle bundles of sheet metal, crates, palletized products and more, with few modifications to its structure. Drive system consists of worm gear assembly to prevent side forces from opening the legs when loaded.

Hand wheel, motorized, battery-powered and remote-controlled options are available. ELT’s telescoping sheet lifter has a heavy-duty structure to withstand rugged conditions and provide years of service with very low maintenance.

These units are built to order per individual requirements. Our team of highly skilled engineers will help you build the perfect sheet lifter to fit your project needs!

Questions about which Telescoping Sheet Lifter will best fit your needs?

  • Not sure which equipment is ideal for your project?
  • Wondering about which configuration would deliver optimal performance in your production environment?
  • Interested in a product comparison for your lifting needs?

There are three different ways to reach us!

Contact Us through the web site or call one of our product experts at 855-800-9568 to find out which sheet lifter would work best for your project.