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Skip Pans

Loading and unloading heavy materials at height on a construction project or in an industrial setting can be a challenge, as well as a safety concern. Skip pans (crane skip pans or skip box) can be a great solution. ELT’s Skip Pans are equipped with forklift pockets for ease of maneuvering around the jobsite as well as alloy shackles and rugged four leg bridles for connection to a crane making it a versatile heavy-lifting product.

Skip pans are specialized crane baskets built to transport bulky construction material, debris, and more. Each skip pan is manufactured with lift plates and bolt type alloy shackles so it can be attached to cranes and other overhead lifting machinery. Materials can be unloaded onto the skip pan easily using the slope found on one side of the skip pan’s perimeter. With their heavy-gauge steel construction tested for quality, you can have peace of mind knowing that ELT’s skip pans will withstand daily, rugged job site use.

In addition to the various standard sizes we frequently manufacture, ELT can also customize the dimensions for you to ensure that each skip pan perfectly matches your current project. ELT uses a consultative process to custom design the right skip pan that will fit your lifting needs. Through our consultation process, our team will ensure that your specifications are customized to your company’s individual needs. Our skip pans come in many different sizes and designs, catered to the needs of your industry.

With the help of the great care from our personal engineers, we ensure that not only your specifications are met with precision, but that each sturdy skip pan is built according to the design standards of ASME BTH-1, ASME B30.20, and AWS D14.1 – the highest standards and Federal regulations. Additionally, consistent quality is ensured by our ISO9001:2015 regulated manufacturing practices.

We want our customers to depend on us. Let us make your heavy lifting a little bit easier.

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Model Number Capacity (lbs) Inside Length (in) Inside Width (in) Inside Height (in) Outside Length (in) Outside Width (in) Outside Height (in) Product Weight (lbs) Internal Volume (cu. ft)
SKP-0408-2-4000 4000 120 48 24 123 9/16 54 3/8 30 3/8 1200 72.08
SKP-0408-3-4000 4000 120 48 36 135 5/8 54 3/8 42 3/8 1485 108.13