Lifting Equipment for Cargo, Warehouse and Port Goods

ELT Lift understands the diverse and demanding needs for Port, Warehouse and Cargo lifting solutions. Warehouse, shipyards and port environments face extremes in both weather and production needs. Managing cargo loads, containers and warehouse needs around a dock environment is a 24 hour operation. For cargo and warehouse environments equipment durability, workflow efficiency, and equipment safety are high priorities.

ELT, Inc. works closely with our clients in these industries. Our partnership approach with our highly trained team of engineers is here to developing specific solutions to meet your lifting needs for shipyard and cargo environments. Our process addresses 3 phases of lifting equipment to bring you the most durable, efficient and long lasting lifting solutions to meet lifting needs in fast paced shipping port environments.

  • Equipment; Addressing technology, automation, semi-automation and specific workflow requirements
  • Solution; A complete design of your equipment with a client specific configuration including delivery.
  • Maintenance; A Maintenance agreement design for cost-efficiency to keep your equipment running smoothly.

ELT Lift offers a wide range of lifting solutions for large and small port operator’s alike to maintain efficient and cost effective shipyard, cargo and warehouse environment. Our cranes and lifting equipment are designed for optimum performance, reliability and durability in weather extremes.

ELT Lift works closely with our clients to develop specific cranes and lifting solutions to meet exact needs. Our engineers work closely with clients to design equipment in a continuous process of improvement to meet your specific port, warehouse and cargo lifting requirements.

Lifting solutions are tailored for each client port and shipping client addressing;

  • material and crane baskets
  • fixed and adjustable lifting and spreader beams
  • fork lift attachments and crane forks
  • custom built, client specific solutions

Testing: Our testing encompasses ranges going beyond regulation requirements to ensure that our cranes and equipment meet all safety requirements and can operate reliably in the most demanding environments

ELT’s relevant industry products are listed below. Click here to view a pdf of our complete product line by industry. Contact Us for a quote or to speak with one of our engineers about our Port, Warehouse and Cargo lifting solutions.

Industry Products

Spreader Beams
Adjustable Spreader Beams (ASB)
Telescoping Spreader Beams (TSB)

Forklift Products
Forklift Hook Beams (LHB)
Forklift Hook Cuffs (LHC)
Forklift Booms (LB)
Forklift Extensions (FTX)

Speciality Products
Bulk Bag Lifters (BBL)

Telescoping Lifters
Telescoping Pallet Lifters (TPL)

Custom Products
Four Point Lifter
Triangle or 3 Point Lifter

Other Applicable Products

Specialty Products
Bulk Bag Lifters (BBL)
Pipe Hooks (PH)

Custom Products
Motorized Roll Lifter
X-Y Lifter