ELT’s features custom and standard products

Adjustable Spreader Beam

Adjustable Spreader Beam

A versatile lifting solution for supporting heavier and longer loads.
Our ASB brackets allow for easier tube cutting, easier drilling,
and a tighter part fit.

Adjustable Lifting Beam

Adjustable Hook Lifting Beam

An ideal solution for lifting loads where headroom is critical.
Multiple hook locations allow the beam to accommodate
a range of spreads.

About Us

ELT Lifting Technologies, Inc. designs, engineers, assembles and tests below-the-hook lifting devices for the construction, steel/metal fabrication, material handling and wind industries.

Headquartered in Western New York State, ELT Lift manufactures standard and custom-designed lifting beams, spreader beams, personnel and material crane baskets, coil lifters, pallet lifters (fixed and adjustable crane forks), telescoping lifting devices and wind tower lifting components.

Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

We offer the following lifters built to standard configurations. They may also be customized to your specifications, including larger capacities, sizes and head room requirements.

Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams

Lifting beam by ELT

Lifting Beams

Twin Bail Lifting Beam

Twin Bail Beams

Four Point Lifting Beam

Four Point Lifting Beams

Crane Baskets - ELT Lift

Crane Baskets

ELT Lift - Skip Pans

Skip Pans

Coil Lifters - ELT Lift

Coil Handling

Pallet Lifters

Pallet Lifters

Forklift Attachments by ELT

Forklift Attachments

Wind Turbline

Wind Turbine Products

Pipe Hooks - ELT Lift

Pipe Hooks

Telescoping Sheet Lifters

Telescoping Sheet Lifters

Custom Lifting Devices

In addition to standard products, ELT also manufactures custom designed products for a wide variety of lifting applications to suit almost any requirement.