Standard Lifting Beams


The Fixed Hook Lifting Beam is an ideal solution for lifting loads where headroom is critical. The horizontal beam supports the load by spreading the lift points and transmits the vertical forces to the crane hook.

The Adjustable Hook Lifting Beam has multiple hook locations that allow the beam to accommodate a range of spreads. It is designed to have the capability of handling offset loads by placing hooks at asymmetric hole locations.

  • For most standard lifting beams both top and bottom flange stiffeners are added to strengthen the beam laterally in case of sideward movement caused by shifting of the load.
  • All lifters are proof tested exceeding ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards and a test certificate is issued. Painted safety yellow and clearly marked on both sides with rated capacity to conform to OSHA standards.
Standard WLL: 1,000 to 60,000lbs
Standard Max Distance between hooks: 20 feet
Larger custom sizes available