Lifting Beams

ELT Lift specializes in different types of lifting standard and custom Lifting Beams:

  • Four Point Lifting Beams
  • Twin Bail Beams
  • Fixed Hook Lifting Beams
  • Adjustable Hook Lifting Beams.

Lifting beams create a connection point between the crane and the load being lifted. Lifting beams are excellent for general purpose lifting. Additional benefits of lifting beams include:

  • Lifting beams are also an excellent solution for flexible loads which may require the assistance of a lifting vacuum or magnets.
  • Lifting beams are often designed with more than one connection point. Multiple lifting points give the added benefit of being able to lift multiple loads at once.
  • Lifting beams are often an ideal lifting solution for environments with little headroom.

No matter what type of object you need to lift, our expert engineering team can provide you with a solution.  Contact Us to speak with one of our product specialists today. 855-800-9568

Description: Lifting Beams can be configured to meet your specific lifting requirements. Popular options for these lifters are: Off center bail with counter balance, adjustable bail and/or adjustable legs.

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Description: The Fixed Hook Lifting Beam is an ideal solution for lifting loads where headroom is critical. The horizontal beam supports the load by spreading the lift points and transmits the vertical forces to the crane hook.

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Description: The Twin Bail Lifting Beam (TBB) has two lift loops which increases lifting capabilities by making use of two hoists. The TBB is available with options that allow it to be the right lifter for the required application.

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