Industrial Manufacturing & Materials Handling Lifting Solutions

Manufacturers often need high quality lifting solutions to ensure process flow for materials handling while ensuring safety in the manufacture of all sorts of goods, from food to paper to batteries.

Lifting solutions are needed at various points in production processes as well as final steps of manufacturing to lift heavy partially finished materials to finalize assembly and manufacturing. Lifting solutions are also needed when it comes to loading and shipping.  In each one of these stages, Engineered Lifting Technologies provides lifting solutions to keep your manufacturing and materials handling processes efficient and safe for team members.

ELT Lift engineers and manufactures material lifting products such as forklift attachments or lifting beams to handle raw materials during manufacturing, and crane forks to help move pallets of finished products as manufacturing is completed.

ELT Lift engineers lifting devices to provide automation, efficiency and safety throughout the production process. Beams, coil or C-hooks, sheet lifters or spreader bars – all designed to manage your load and make your production process smoother and safer.

See below for ELT’s relevant industry products. Click here to view a pdf of our complete product line by industry.

Industry Products

Baskets & Skip Pans
Material Baskets (CMB)
Coil Handling
Narrow C-Hooks (NC)
Speciality Products
Bulk Bag Lifters (BBL)
Custom Products
Adjustable Bail Lifter
Convector Coil Lifter
Locomotive Engine Lifter
Material Basket for Gas Bottles
Rotating Twin Bail Beam
X-Y Lifter
Four Point Lifter
Triangle or 3 Point Lifter

Other Applicable Products

Spreader Beams
Adjustable Spreader Beams (ASB)
Telescoping Spreader Beams (TSB)