Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter


The Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter is designed to handle and position coils close together. Coils can be handled in aisles as narrow as 18 inches and are adjustable, giving it the capability to handle a variety of coil widths. ELT offers load testing for all products.

Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter

Integral lifting bail saves headroom and minimizes inspection normally associated with welded lifting bails. Upper beam and down legs are made of high strength special alloy steel reducing the physical size of the lifter.

Marked notches and built-in parking stand on upper beam allows for easy adjustment of down legs for specific coil widths

The edges of the down legs have a radius for easy maneuvering of legs into the inside of the coil. Lifting bail has a radius on the upper portion to prevent damage to the crane hook.

NAC Specifications (PDF format)