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Wind turbines present unique material handling and lifting needs from manufacturing, transportation and erection of the turbines. Each of these processes have unique challenges to overcome to maintain efficiency, minimize damage and ensure safety.
ELT, Inc. has partnered with Hanes Supply, Inc. as a dynamic team to support the requirements of the wind power industry.
A unique patented Wind Turbine Tower Tilt-up System has been developed by ELT, Inc. The lifting brackets are relatively small, and made of high-strength materials, dramatically reducing the weight of the brackets.
The configuration of the Wind Turbine Tower Tilt-up system allows for a two-bracket lifting system that does not require an upper spreader bar. The lower tailing brackets are a compact design and lightweight. Both bracket designs take advantage of a unique cam design for the bolting, allowing the brackets to be used on several tower sections without using slots and oversized holes.

Wind Turbine Tower Tilt-Up System Benefits:

  • Less Expensive – Due to major reduction in field mobilization costs. Cranes are not needed to mount the bracket system. The top lifting brackets weigh approximately 92 lbs. each and the tailing brackets weigh approximately 36 lbs. each. Synthetic slings are incorporated to keep the weight reduction down on the total system.
  • Flexibility – The bracket’s design can be adjustable for most tower manufacturer models. The bracket design does not have load-bearing welds.
  • Ease in Alignment – The Lifting Brackets offer a level load in setting the tower sections. The base section is easily aligned to the concrete base bolt mounting pattern.
  • Less Installation Damage – The tailing bracket’s design does not damage the outside of the tower when the tower becomes 90 degrees vertical in the tilt-up process.
  • Safer – The weight of the brackets offers ergonomic benefits that may decrease injuries in the field.
  • Hand Tightening of Bolts – The bolting process of this system only requires 450-500 ft.- pounds that can be applied by hand.

This Bracket System is a complete system that offers everything from the Crane Hook to the Tower, engineered lift plans, SlingMax slings and all needed hardware including Crosby shackles.

Most of our Standard Wind Turbine (Windmill) lifting products are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

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Description: ELT’s B-ASB system is an Adjustable Spreader Beam that has been modified to be used in a basket hitch configuration specifically for lifting wind tower blades. The B-ASB system has double lower lift points for low-stress lifting of wind turbine components.

This approach to lifting maximizes safety while minimizing possible damage to wind turbine components. ELT, Inc.’s B-ASB system ensures support and control of components as they are lifted into place at the point of assembly.

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Description: For lifting the HUB without blades. This bracket was designed to lift multiple bolt hole patterns.

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The Gold Standard in Wind Turbine Lifting Includes: Brackets, Slings, Shackles, Bolts, Rigging & Engineered Lifting Plans.

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Description: For lifting the Nacelles, either in parts or fully-assembled, into place.

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Description: ELT manufactures standard fixed opening staging hooks as well as adjustable hooks for staging windmill towers. Two adjustable staging hooks can be used to do the work of 5 or 6 of the fixed type!

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