Wind Turbine Lifting Products

Let our wind system lifting solutions work for you

Wind turbines present unique material handling and lifting needs from manufacturing, transportation and erection of the turbines. Each of these processes have unique challenges to overcome to maintain efficiency, minimize damage and ensure safety. ELT has partnered with Hanes Supply, Inc. to support the requirements of the wind power industry.

Our unique, patented Wind Turbine Tower Tilt-Up System keeps the lifting brackets relatively small, and made of high-strength materials, dramatically reducing the weight of the brackets. ELT offers load testing on all products.

Hub Brackets - Wind Turbine Lifting Products

For lifting the HUB without blades, this exclusive, ground-breaking bracket was designed to lift multiple bolt hole patterns without the use of traditional lifting methods. This product will save time and money in your lifting project.

Wind Turbine Lifting and Tailing Brackets

The Gold Standard in Wind Turbine Lifting Includes the use of brackets, slings, shackles, bolts, rigging and ELT plans. This is the complete wind turbine lifting and erecting system.

Nacelle Beams - ELT, Inc.

For lifting the nacelles, either in parts or fully-assembled, our beams are one of the several products we make that help with your wind turbine lifting job. Either standard or customized, we will give you the products for your lifting solutions.

Staging Hooks - Wind Turbine Lifting Products

ELT manufactures standard fixed opening staging hooks as well as adjustable hooks for staging wind turbine towers. Two adjustable staging hooks can be used to do the work of 5 or 6 of the fixed, helping save time and money on your lifting job.

Not sure which equipment is deal for your project? Wondering about which configuration would deliver optimal performance in your production environment? Interested in a product comparison for your lifting needs?

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