Crane Baskets & Skip Pans

Description: To ensure the safety of your personnel, all of ELT, Inc’s Man Baskets are designed to ASME BTH-1 standards. All Man Baskets are manufactured and tested in accordance with code of Federal Regulations 1926.550 and ASME B30.23 and are completely OSHA compliant.

Each Man Basket is designed, fabricated, tested and certified to exceed the above standards in order to meet the demands for a long life of rugged job site use. Each Man Basket and Personnel Basket is rigorously tested and certified to the highest standards. High Profile and Low profile design options are available.

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Description: ELT, Inc’s Material Crane Baskets are designed with the same rugged capabilities and high quality materials as our personnel basket line.

All material baskets are designed in accordance with ASME BTH-1, manufactured and tested to the specifications of ASME B30.20 and are completely OSHA compliant.

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Description: All trash hoppers, Skip Pans, are built to customer’s needs. Each Skip Pan and trash hopper are built with crane hooks, forklift pockets and other features. Many different sizes, designs and capacities can be manufactured to meet your specific needs.

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Crane Baskets

Different types of Crane Baskets are designed for lifting different types of materials. Material Crane Baskets can be specific both to industry and task.

Material Baskets are also designed for lifting heavy materials to heights. Material Baskets are commonly used in the construction industry and have applications in many other industries with lifting needs.

Man Baskets and Personnel Baskets from Engineered Lifting Technologies are specially designed for the safety of your personnel when lifted and working at heights. Each manbasket is made with a varirty of features including but not limited to:

  • Swing In Doors
  • Kick Plate
  • Traction Grip Floors
  • Mesh Panels
  • Safety Harness Hook Points

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Skip Pans

A Skip Pan is a specialized crane basket with steel sides which is sloped on one side for easy loading and unloading of heavy materials. Skip Pans are commonly used in the construction industry and can be custom built to specific dimensions. Skip Pans are manufactured with both forklift pockets and crane hooks on the top of each skip pan for flexibility in meeting lifting needs. Each skip pan is built to your specifications.

ELT, Inc. uses a consultative process to fit you with the type of Crane Basket, Manbasket, or Skip Pan to meet your lifting needs. We have standard sizes we regularly manufacture. We also custom design and manufacture crane baskets to meet specific needs in multiple industries.

Our Process

When you call ELT, Inc. we will work with you to learn about your needs to ensure you have the best solution to meet your lifting needs.

Our rugged Personnel Crane Baskets are designed to adhere to ASME BTH-1, Federal regulations 1926.550 and ASME B30.23 and can be customized in various ways to suite your needs.

Our Material Crane Baskets, Personnel Baskets and Skip Pans are extremely durable, made with the highest quality materials and are rigorously tested to withstand excessive force. Looking for specific information for your Crane Basket, Manbasket or Skip Pan?

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