Pallet Lifter For Crane

ELT’s pallet lifters are crane attachments engineered to optimize efficiency for overhead lifting for material handling systems and are used to maximize efficiency in production environments with narrow aisles or for areas which may be inaccessible to forklifts. All ELT’s specialty pallet lifters feature high strength welded steel construction for maximum strength and durability. All of our equipment goes through a rigorous testing process to meet and exceed ASME below-the-hook standards.

ELT Lift has developed a line of specialty pallet lifters consisting of many styles to bring productivity, efficiency and safety into different production environments. These products can be customized and utilized with a crane to address lifting needs for:

  • Construction
  • Top loading on trucks
  • Barges and Shipyards

ELT offers load testing for all products.

Adjustable Crane Forks - ELT Pallet Lifter

The Adjustable Crane Fork utilizes standard fork lift truck forks and carriages. The forks adjust easily by hand and lock into place under a pallet for a perfect fit every time. The support beams allow for easy handling by personnel.

Fixed Crane Forks - ELT Pallet Lifter

The Fixed Crane Fork utilizes standard fork lift truck forks and carriages. The forks allow you to handle pallets with an overhead crane, especially those in confined areas inaccessible by fork trucks. The support beams allow for easy handling by personnel.

Telescoping Pallet Lifters - ELT, Inc.

The Telescoping Pallet Lifter can handle pallets in confined areas by lowering the lifter over the top of the load. The legs then telescope inward to bring the lifting feet under the pallet allowing you to load and unload with minimal over head clearance. Options for automation are available including hand wheel, motorized, battery powered and remote controlled options.

Specialty Pallet Lifters

Among all the lifting solutions engineered by ELT Lift, the specialty pallet lifters offer one of the best groups to choose from for below-the-hook lifting needs. ELT offers the most flexible lifting solutions for loading, unloading, handling and transporting heavy materials within production environments.

These products are used to safely move palleted items from location to location within different types of environments. ELT produces pallet lifters to meet lifting needs of the following industries including:

ELT’s pallet lifters have tapered forks to lock into place under a pallet with the supporting beams making it easy for personnel to guide the lift. These products address a variety of lifting needs bringing efficiency, productivity and safety to your production environment. Fill out our web form today to discuss our custom lifting solutions. Contact ELT by clicking here.