Fixed Spreader Beams


A Spreader Beam for Flexible Lifting Solutions

Spreader beams are ideal for lifting needs in environments where there is adequate headroom. The design of a fixed spreader beam utilizes a two-point upper lift with a bridle to provide additional stabilization to the lift in a nonadjustable form.

Fixed spreader beams from ELT are custom designed, built and rigorously tested to meet your specific lifting requirements.

Spreader Beams for Heavy or Large Loads

The fixed spreader beam utilizes two lifting points on the bottom of the horizontal bar, distributing the weight of the lifted object. Due to its efficiency, fixed spreader beams are often small, lighter and less expensive than a lifting beam. Engineered Lifting Technologies offers load testing for all products.

Fixed spreader beams can also be configured with multiple hook points along the beam to accommodate:

  • Longer loads needing additional stabilization
  • Heavier loads needing added strength for your lift
  • Horizontal loads in space with less headroom
  • Multiple loads needing more than one connection point

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