Energy: Oil and Gas Lifting Solutions

For decades ELT Lift has brought innovative below-the-hook lifting solutions to the energy and oil & gas industry. Both the wind and oil & gas industries face specific lifting requirements, extreme weather and a high degree of unpredictability in operating conditions. Engineered Lifting Technologies lifting solutions can bring efficiency and automation to energy production.

With our focus on durability and equipment up time, we offer a wide range of solutions to maximize your energy production in the plant or in the field. Engineered Lifting Technologies lifting solutions are known in the oil and gas industry bringing reliability, efficiency and durability to the energy production industry.

ELT provides exceptional lifting solutions from our standard catalog as well as innovative custom solutions to meet the demanding requirements in the oil and gas industry. With our highly skilled and trained engineering team we leverage the best from our existing lifting technologies to engineer innovations for specific projects for energy production.

Oil and Gas and other power generation processors will find ELT Lift offers many solutions – often custom – to help them move huge processing equipment, materials or vessels around production plants or in the field.

Wind & Turbines

ELT Lift has a patented bracket system designed specifically for  wind tower installations. ELT, Inc. has participated in projects requiring energy lifting solutions around the United States. A full line of lifting and hub brackets, nacelle beams and staging hooks are available to help erect huge wind towers or turbines, with the line constantly evolving to meet new design standards.

The Gold Standard in wind turbine lifting, this system includes brackets, slings, shackles, bolts, rigging & engineered lifting plans, and is offered exclusively through Hanes Supply Inc.

See below for ELT’s relevant industry products. Click here to view a pdf of our complete product line by industry.

Industry Products

Speciality Products
Pipe Hooks (PH)
Custom Products
Material Basket for Gas Bottles
Material Basket for Gas Drilling
Rotating Twin Bail Beam
X-Y Lifter
Four Point Lifter
Triangle or 3 Point Lifter
Spreader Beams
Telescoping Spreader Beams (TSB)Coil Handling
Narrow C-Hooks (NC)
Close Stacking C-Hooks (CSC)
Slit Coil C-Hooks (SCC)
Narrow Aisle Coil Lifters (NAC)
Pallet Lifters
Adjustable Crane Forks (ACF)
Fixed Crane Forks (FCF)
Specialty Products
Bulk Bag Lifters (BBL)
Custom Products
Adjustable Bail Lifter
Convector Coil Lifter
ELT, Inc. has lifting solutions for numerous aspects of the Energy industry. ELT’s product are manufactured in the USA and meet the highest standards. Contact Us today for a quote for your specific lifting needs.