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Forklift Baskets

Fork Lift Basket Fork Lift Basket
Fork Lift Basket Fork Lift Basket

Forklift Baskets are also referred to as Forklift Personnel Platforms. Both Forklift Baskets and Forklift Personnel Platforms can be fabricated in a variety of styles to suite your needs.

Forklifts (sometimes spelled: Forklifts) are constructed to endure rough terrain construction type use and are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with platform structural portion of ANSI/SIA A92.5-1992 (aerial lifts).

Standard equipment includes mast guard, toe board and two attachment chains approximately four feet long in length with chain grab hooks for a perfect fit to your forklift. Forklift tubes are 2.5″ x 7.5″ ID at 32″ on centers. Unit doors have spring loaded, self-closing, in-swing doors.

Custom design, other sizes and capacities can be furnished. When using Forklift Baskets for Personnel please refer to ASME B56.6 correct specifications section 8.25 (Platforms for Elevating Personnel).