Wind Turbine Lifting Products

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Hub Brackets

For lifting the hub without blades, this exclusive, ground-breaking bracket was designed to lift while accommodating multiple bolt hole patterns without the use of traditional lifting methods. This product will save time and money in your lifting project.

Lifting and Tailing Brackets

The Gold Standard in wind turbine lifting. The complete wind turbine lifting and erecting system includes the use of brackets, slings, shackles, bolts, rigging and ELT lift plans. This is the complete wind turbine lifting and erecting system.

Nacelle Beams

For lifting the nacelles, either in parts or fully-assembled, our beams are one of the several products we make that help with your wind turbine lifting job. Either standard or customized, we will give you the products for your lifting solutions.

Staging Hooks

ELT manufactures standard fixed opening staging hooks as well as adjustable hooks for staging wind turbine towers. Two adjustable staging hooks can be used to do the work of 5 or 6 of the fixed, helping save time and money on your lifting job.


ELT’s pallet lifters are crane attachments engineered to optimize efficiency for overhead lifting for material handling systems and are used to maximize efficiency in production environments with narrow aisles or for areas which may be inaccessible to forklifts. All ELT’s specialty pallet lifters feature high strength welded steel construction for maximum strength and durability. All of our equipment goes through a rigorous testing process to meet and exceed ASME below-the-hook standards.