Coil Lifters

Standard and Custom Coil Lifters (also known as C-Hooks and Coil Hooks)

Coil Lifters, also referred to as Coil Hooks or C Hooks, are available in a variety of styles and offer versatility in the way you handle your product. Whether the coil is to be lifted from the ID, by the OD, lying flat or standing upright, ELT, Inc., has a coil lifter that is designed specifically for the task at hand.

Most of our Standard C-Hooks are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

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A) Custom Telescoping Coil Lifter Example

Custom Coil Lifter Specifications:

  1. 77,000 lb. Capacity
  2. Motorized – Remote Operated
  3. Designed to Operate in 900 degree F Temperature
  4. Special Aluminum Coil Guards
  5. Coated with Specialized High Temperature Paint
  6. Integrated Dynamometer for Weighing Coils
  7. Bluetooth Capable
  8. Scoreboard Capable
  9. Various Safety Fail-Safe Features

B) Plate Style Coil Lifters (Close Stacking C-Hooks: CSC)

The Plate Style Coil Lifter or C-Hook is made of high strength alloy steel which minimizes the material needed to structurally support the load as well as minimizing the weight of the unit, thus making the lifter easier to handle.

C) Tubular Style Coil Lifters (Slit Coil C-Hooks: SCC)

The Tubular Style Coil Lifter or Slit Coil C-Hook utilizes tubular construction to generate low cost solutions to your coil handling needs. They are available in a variety of sizes.

D) Narrow Aisle Coil Lifters

The Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter is designed to handle and position coils close together. Coils can be handled in aisles as narrow as 18 inches. The Narrow Aisle Coil Lifter is adjustable, giving it the capability to handle a variety of coil widths.

E) Telescoping Coil Lifters

The Telescoping Coil Lifter is capable of handling various coil widths in the horizontal position. The telescoping design maximizes headroom and aisle space. For effective use, the coils must be tightly bound. Hand wheel, motorized, battery powered and remote controlled options are available.

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