Lifting & Spreader Beams

Lifting Beams: Adjustable, Fixed, Twin Bail and Custom Lifting Beams

LIFTING BEAMS MADE CUSTOM OR STANDARD! Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams are intended to balance and support a load by providing multiple lift points.

Different types of lifting beams are designed to lift heavy loads with a crane efficiently and safely. The finer differences between each of the different lifting bar types below address the different lifting needs for various industries and applications.

ELT Lifting Technologies engineers, constructs and tests each the lifting and spreading beams for multiple industries including:

  • Shipyards/Docks
  • Warehouse
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Wind Technology
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Materials Handling

Safety is Our Top Priority

All of our products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards of ANSI/ASME B30.20. Top and bottom flange stiffeners are added to strengthen the beam laterally in case of sideward movement caused by shifting of the load.

Each beam is proof tested exceeding ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards.A test certificate is issued and provided with each beam. Our lifting beams are painted safety yellow with the rated capacity clearly marked on both sides to conform to OSHA Standards.

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Lifting Beam

A lifting beam creates a connection point between the crane and the load being lifted. As with all lifting beams, the design dictates the way force is transmitted during the lift. Lifting beams are excellent for general purpose lifting. Additional benefits of lifting beams include:

  • Lifting beams are also an excellent solution for flexible loads which may require the assistance of a lifting vacuum or magnets.
  • Lifting beams are often designed with more than one connection point. Multiple lifting points give the added benefit of being able to lift multiple loads at once.
  • Lifting beams are often an ideal lifting solution for environments with little headroom.

The pressure of a lifting beam is at the single connection point making the lift subject to bending and shear. This is why construction of  lifting beams are larger and heavier than other lifting solutions.

Fixed Hook Lifting Beam

The Fixed Hook Lifting Beam is an ideal solution where head room is critical. The horizontal beam supports the load by spreading the lift points and transmits the vertical forces to the crane hook.

Adjustable Hook Lifting Beam

The Adjustable Hook Lifting Beam has multiple hook locations that allow the beam to accommodate a range of spreads. It Is designed to have the capability of handling offset loads by placing hooks at asymmetric hole locations.

Twin Bail Lifting Beam

The Twin Bail Lifting Beam has two lift loops which increases lifting capabilities by making use of two hoists. The TBB is available with options that allow it to be the right lifter for the required application.

Custom Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams can be configured to meet your industry and specific requirements.

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