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Telescoping Lifters

Standard and Custom Telescoping Coil Lifters, Pallet Lifters, and Sheet Lifters

ELT, Inc. manufactures a complete line of telescoping lifters, pallet lifters and sheet lifters to meet a variety of applications across numerous industries.

This family of lifters is engineered to bring efficiency and automation to your production workflow with a variety of options for your telescoping coil lifter, pallet lifter and sheet lifter.

  • Battery Operated
  • Wireless Remote Control Option; ELT, Inc. created the industry’s first Wireless Remote Control Option (patent pending) for all Telescoping Lifters with a working load limit of 40,000 pounds or less.
  • Custom Dimensions

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telescoping sheet lifters

Telescoping Sheet Lifters

Sheet lifters are designed and engineered with both cost efficiency and productions efficiency in mind.  Telescoping Sheet Lifters are intended for use in metal fabrication, steel mills, paper production, automotive industry and other heavy industries where sheets of metal are employed.

ELT, Inc.’s Telescoping Sheet lifters, as a below-the-hook- attachment load and unload steel and metal from pallets and load it onto a production process safely and efficiently. Our lifters are built with the highest quality steel and rigorously tested to exceed customer expectations in lifting equipment.

ELT, Inc., offers versatile sheet lifting solutions that, with a few modifications to its structure, can handle bundles of sheet metal, crates, palletized products and more.

telescoping coil lifters

Telescoping Coil Lifter

The Telescoping Coil Lifter is engineered to bring efficiency to your production environment. ELT, In.c’s telescoping coil lifter is capable of handling various coil widths in the horizontal position.

The telescoping design maximizes headroom and aisle space. For effective use, the coils must be tightly bound. Hand wheel, motorized, battery powered and remote controlled options are available.

telescoping lifters

Telescoping Pallet Lifters

The Telescoping Pallet Lifter can handle pallets in confined areas by lowering the lifter over the top of the load. The legs then telescope inward to bring the lifting feet under the pallet. This telescoping ability allows you to load and unload with minimal clearance. Hand wheel, motorized, battery powered and remote controlled options are available.

Now you no longer have to be concerned with long cords, hand wheels, or operating chains. You also have the advantage of no need for extra personnel and access to the load, saving both money and time!

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Advantages of ELT’s Wireless Telescoping Lifters

  1. Long Lasting Rugged Gel Cell Batteries
  2. Low Battery Power Indicating Light to Assure a Lift Can be Completed Prior to Lifting
  3. 115 Volt Built-In Charging and Conditioning System
  4. Modular Design for Ease of Maintenance
  5. Adjustable Stoke Length
  6. Industrial Type Wireless Operating Pendent with “ON-OFF” and
  7. “E-STOP” Buttons
  8. No Need for a Power Drop from the Crane to Operate a Motorized Lifter
  9. No Need to be Near the Load to Open or Close a Manual Lifter
  10. Available for All Telescoping Lifters with WLL of 40,000 Pounds or Less
  11. Special Designs Are Available

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