Getting to Know ELT

ELT: Engineered Lifting Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the below-the-hook lifting industry. Based in upstate New York, the company’s headquarters is tucked back in the trees well off the main road. The surprisingly large facility is home a team of in-house engineers, Certified Manufacturers, and a facility full of state of the art technology.

This summer, I got a tour of the facilities from ELT’s VP of Operations, Dave Puccio. We saw engineers researching; workers welding, machining, and painting; finished products and raw steel; and then we sat down in Dave’s office so I could learn a bit more about the business. 

According to Dave, what sets ELT apart from competitors is that they can quickly fill the needs of customers across the globe: designing, manufacturing, and delivering solutions with remarkably fast turnaround time.

The industries ELT supports include manufacturing, construction, and wind industries, and their heavy duty designs are trusted around the globe. ELT lifters can be found lifting lights for an NYC theater, providing rigging for work in the North Pole, and lifting the Maid of the Mist out of the Niagara River. 

Dave describes the specializations ELT made to the custom four point lifter required to lift the Maid of the Mist: “The construction company load tested the beam on site with water siphoned out of the Niagara river into four custom ELT load test bags. They also had us paint the beam a custom blue color so that during the lift the beam was as close as possible to the color of the Niagara River.”

ELT’s priority is safety. Every piece of equipment they sell is ASME and OSHA compliant, and is tested with their in-house load test machine to exceed the safety factor several times over. In addition, all of their materials are completely traceable for quality assurance. To back these quality and safety guarantees, ELT is ISO 9001:2015 registered. 

ELT’s patented windmill lifting system is the only one of its kind, utilizing unique design and high-strength materials to dramatically reduce the weight and size of the equipment while ensuring safety and efficiency. 

ELT also offers an Adjustable Spreader Beam: a unique solution to environments where several lengths of spreader beams are needed. 

ELT has the ability to engineer solutions for unique lifting challenges. Their engineers have decades of experience creating solutions for lifting oddly shaped objects, extra large or heavy loads, and navigating issues with headroom: when it comes to below-the-hook lifting, they’ve seen it all and made it all. 

ELT also knows that for many of the industries they serve, stopping work to wait on equipment to arrive can result in millions of dollars lost. That’s why customers choose ELT when they have a need for a lifting solution: they know ELT will get them the solution they need in the best lead time in the industry. 

If you need American-made below-the-hook lifting products, ELT will engineer a safe and effective solution for you.