Getting to Know ELT

Engineered Lifting Technologies (ELT), has been known as one of the industry leaders of developing and manufacturing below-the-hook lifting solutions. David Puccio, Vice President of Operations, has been instrumental in implementing the high-quality standards that make ELT stand out above its competitors. These standards are amplified when it comes to their process of manufacturing custom products.

“What separates us from our competition is our ability to facilitate custom lifting equipment in an expedient turnaround. Typically if a customer were to call us and say they need something in 3 weeks, it’s not a problem.”

Custom solutions

Custom solutions are one of the hallmarks of ELT’s operation. With several engineers in the facility, there are numerous lifting solution possibilities. It is the innovation from ELT that provides customers with solutions that save time, money and manpower.

“We previously made a device for a company … Their previous fabrication process unfortunately resulted with several people losing fingers,” says Puccio. “One of our engineers came up with a special lifter. The company who bought it from us said they saved $1,000,000 a year. They ended up buying a second one from us because they couldn’t afford to have the initial machine down for even a day.”

When it comes to custom solutions, ELT is constantly in contact with their customer regarding necessary measurements and structure of any and all lifting solutions.

“It’s definitely a back and forth until the initial concept is there. You get an idea in your head and new information comes about that you have to work around. It’s a process until the customer gets what the customer wants. The bulk of the work actually takes place after the concept is created.”

ISO, ASME and OSHA Credibility

It’s not only ELT’s custom solutions that make them one of the industry leaders in below-the-hook lifting. The company’s credibility concerning ASME, OSHA, and ISO make them one of the safest choices in the industry.

Recently, ELT went through an ISO audit to remain ISO 9001:2015 registered, keeping their creditability throughout the industry.

“They come in and audit us annually. We have been successfully audited for a decade now with our most recent audit being our best audit. ISO stands for quality, so people understand that you take quality seriously. To be ISO registered you have to have a quality system. I do think that means something and it means something to our customers. Some customers won’t even consider you if you’re not ISO registered.”

He went on to mention the internal steps that ELT has made to ensure a culture that prioritizes safety and efficiency in the workplace. It is these steps and procedures that allow ELT to be one of the top choices in the industry, and with safety in mind, that doesn’t seem to be changing.

“We’re continually improving the company, looking for ways to make our customers safer, our employees safer and the world a safer place.”